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Become a partner in a new international race

Today, ocean racing specialists are looking for a more physically and technically demanding race format with commitment. This race format has existed for a long time in the southern hemisphere with reference races such as the Cape Point Challenge and the Molokai and the development in Europe of an international circuit. The creation of a long distance race, like the Breizh Ocean Race, has become an obvious choice for the North West tip of Europe. This second edition aims at 150 competitors, composed of the elite of the different European nations (France, Germany, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Ireland)

The B.O.R is also the great festive weekend of ocean racing, with competitions from departmental to national level:

  • Finistere Youth Cup - 100 competitors
  • A selection round for the French championship - 150 to 200 competitors

Ocean-racing : literal translation, the race at sea. This generic term includes several families of boats that compete over distances of varying lengths but which share the same propulsion method (single or double paddle) and the same playground, the sea. The objective of ocean-racing is to cover a course on the open sea in the shortest possible time, taking maximum advantage of the marine elements, i.e. the wind, currents and waves.

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